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Lady Gregory:
They are located adjacent to the koi pond.  They sell furry tails, leatherware, and garb, and are  particularly well known for their washable silk. Their name escapes me and I lost their business card.  Any ideas?

ive not been this year yet, but it's gotta be one of the ones listed on it might be moresca?

Lady Gregory:
Thanks.  Def not Moresca.  I have looked at that list, but nothing is jumping out at me.  I think I will google the vendor names as some of their websites are no longer active. 

Lady Gregory:
After some investigation, I think it is Bullseye.  Unfortunately, no website.  Anyone familiar with them?

Jay Byrd:
I will do my best to remember to look and see what their name is this coming weekend.  I do believe that you are correct and the name is Bullseye.

Jay Byrd


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