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What a season so far.....

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kilted one:
Two weekends down and they have been insane.  Attendance has been through the roof and still have 4 more weekends left.  This weekend is Wine Revelry Weekend which always popular.  Hope to see a bunch of familiar faces this weekend.

Wine! Wine! Wine!

See you Saturday...It's to cool off a good bit for the weekend. 


Is it just me or is attendance through the roof?  I have never before had to wait to go to the privie.  I attended Saturday and spent almost 30 minutes of my time waiting in the privie line.  There were people everywhere.  I guess increased attendance is a good thing.


Yes attendance was nuts on Saturday afternoon.  Last I looked, the parking lot was full and there were lines for the privy and beer.  I guess those two go hand in hand!


kilted one:
I have been on cast for 5 years and have been going for another 4 before that and yes, I have never seen crowds like we have been having.  With the exception of the one rainy day, I think each day has been a bigger crowd.  Definitely, something must be working.


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