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Lord William:
Pick up the lastest edition of Renaissance Magazine! They came to our 25'th anniversary (last year) and we have a 12 page photo spread! Pick up a copy or 3 on sale now!!!

Sir Tobias Sleuth:
What stores or stands carry the magazine? I just called my local books a million and they don't carry it.

Sir Tobias

Thats's  odd.  Try waldens, barnes and noble.

Sir Tobias Sleuth:
Well I finally picked up a copy of it. I drove an hour and a half yesterday to a Barnes and Noble. They told me over the phone they carried the magazine. I got there and discovered they didn't have this month's issue. The girl checked and discovered they hadn't been sent this months edition and weren't showing them being scheduled for a delivery. She gave me the number of the next closest Barnes and Noble. I proceded there. It should have only been about a 20 minute journey but due to traffic and what not it took another hour to reach this store. I found they had several copies of the latest edition. I went straight to the article. 12 full color pages and you can actually see my hand, part of my hat, my left shoulder, the hilt of the sword I was carrying on my back and the edge of my sunglasses in the background of one pick LOL!!!

I checked my nearest Barnes and Noble the other day they still had the previous issue. I'll try Books a Million (which started in Florence as well). I'll try B&N again in a day or so.


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