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Anyone going to King Arthur Faire this weekend 13th

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27 year old woman, just bought an exquisite costume and totally interested in going to King Arthur's Faire in CT and/or King Richard's in Mass if time permits. My friends and fam aren't into it Ren Faires and they're being really difficult. Never been to a Faire and always wanted to go and experience something new. Live in Fairfield County and looking to chat with people who have been to Renaissance Faires and would be interested in letting me tag along. We can meet up, carpool which ever is easiest.

William of Ware:
Hi, Unfortunately I can't make it this weekend (CT Fall Faire in CT)... Darn work.   I'll be going the 20-21st.    You should go this weekend and plan on staying for the Saturday evening activities.  They are worth staying for.  I think there is a schedule of events on there web page.  I can recommend some shows that are worth seeing.   I'll check hear during the week, or you can PM me with any questions.   I live about an 1hr and 20 minutes  north of Hebron/Gilead .

That would be great. What shows would you recommend?

I will be going tomorrow to the CT Renaissance Faire with my brother. I was going to go today but couldn't because there was so much stuff to do around the house, which was ok because I modified some of my garb for my brother to make him look kind of like a pirate or a roguish character (he does not have any garb of his own.) I am hoping it will not be as chilly. I also live around Fairfield County as well! :)

William of Ware:
looks like it was a soggy morning, but the afternoon looks nice!  Hope you both had a great time!


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