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Cold, wet, rain soaked and lost but, with out a dought one of the best days at a fest. In a long time. Let me clarify...theres no such thing as a bad day at any ren. fest. This was a special day. For the few that venture out they were the true spirte if a fest.  This was my frist time at mid. Mi. an was very impressed with ever thing. Ive been attending fest for 26 seasons.it was a perfect day, great booths, good food and the best beer.it was a nice change, great music, plenty of fires to keep warm as well as a few good fair friends to make you feel welcome. The majic of the ren. Fair was in the air. It made the 6 hour round trip more then worth it , an i can't wait till June to go back.... ;D

PS... my wife even enjoyed as did my son... its in there blood too... ;D

Dave and Anne:
We were there on Saturday. The June faire has a lot more vendors & entertainment. There is a lot of potential for Mid MI. The site is perfect, they just need that little push to make it even better. Its too bad more people don't give this faire a chance. If they could just get one more big act to come in, or add jousting. They have room up front for jousting.

I realize this is a bit of a dead topic... but I had never heard of MMRF until I found this forum.  Definately going to plan on attending in 2013.

cant wait till spring, an getting back in the fest. season started


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