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Days of Knights Living History event pics up
« on: October 25, 2012, 03:25:53 AM »
I just finished posting pictures from an event in Frankfort, Kentucky this year called "Days of Knights" 10/12-14/2012. http://www.daysofknightsfrankfort.com/

It is a living history event featuring a knightly or military time line from the vikings up to Renaissance. It was great to finally meet many of the good people I have conversed with online set up here for their time period. This event had, period Jousting, sword fighting, archery competition, crossbow competition, trebuchet firing, lectures and knightly encampments from many different periods in early history. Mine was of King Richard I and the weapons and things from the Third Crusade in late 1100's. After hours on Saturday night, we had a full medieval feast with several different period foods like Venison stew, pork, bread trenchers fruit etc... We also had a professor come in and recite part of Beowulf and part of Chaucers Canterbury Tales in Middle English and then translate it into modern, all by torchlight. Was a fantastic time. To see the pictures, just go to the link below and click on the Days of Knights link.


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