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Talk to Me About Your Faire

Started by NicoleBridget, January 26, 2013, 01:55:21 PM

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My husband and I are in the process of selling our house here in NY and we're going to be moving to NC.  Although I'll be sad to leave my "home" faire, Sterling, I'm really looking forward to seeing the Carolina Ren Faire.  I was scrolling through some Flickr pics and they seem to be all joust and belly dancing but I know there must be more.  Who is the ruling monarch at this faire?  How big is the court?  I confess I'm really into the nobles and their intrigues.  Is there a parade, or a final pubsing?  What are some on this faire's highlights?  I REALLY hope to be attending next year, *fingers crossed*.


So sorry NicoleBridget - we have become very quiet here of late.   Although I have never been a spokesman for CRF, my home faire, I will give it a try.  We have several national acts, Tortuga Twins, Ded Bob, Hey Nunny Nunnie, Don Juan and Miguel, London Broil, Barely Balanced, Zilch the Torystellor... to name but a few.  My personal fav is our wildlife show. 

I can't tell you much about our Queen, etc - I understand that they are very interactive and I know our lord Mayor was on Jeopardy last year - but I am more about the shows and playtrons. 

there is a very large playtron group at CRF.  There is the guild, Irish Penny Brigade and their friends who are very welcoming.  There is a pubsing, of sorts, though I have never stayed to experience it.  CRf is odd in that it doesn't actually have a pub and, until last year, wasn't really "muscially" inclined beyond traditional music in the lanes and in two small pavilions.  Not that that is wrong, just different from other faires we frequent where there is  a stong pub presence - as a matter of fact, CRF doesn't even have a pub, playtrons just grab an ale and congregate under the trees. 

That being said, they are the most welcoming bunch of playtrons I have experienced at the faires I have been to.  So... come on down and meet us and see for yourself.   

Ms Trish

That is funny, Mehan! I didn't even notice there wasn't an actual pub until you said it! I will agree that the playtron group is very friendly. I had a great time there last season! And who knows...if I get my way in matters, it'll eventually become my home faire as well.  :)
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Oops - obviously I feel pretty strongly about it, beginning and ending the sentence with the same phrase...

hey did I mention there is no pub? 


Thank you Mehan, it sounds wonderful!  We actually have a few of those acts here but you mentioned a few that I've never seen and always wanted to.  I really hope to be able to join in the fun this year.


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