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St. Molden's Weekend 2013

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I know some folks' places of employment require them to schedule their vacations, etc. before year's end - so I wanted to get this out there.

While it fits under self-serving sacriledge for me to announce the weekend...well, hell, the whole thing is pretty blasphemous to begin with, so there you are!  ;)

Since St. Other Guy's Day falls on a Sunday this year, I plan to be at BARF that weekend - March 16 & 17, 2013. I plan to be in the area all day on the 15th to hang with my Friends and Fairemily in a variety of spots (drinks at an iffy Tex-Mex joint adjacent to the hotel, Pho...more Pho, and who knows what else). We'll figure all of that out in due course.

So, for those that wanna know - there ya go!  ;D

Captain Jack Wolfe:
Oh yeah! It's gonna be HUGE!

Welsh Wench:
I will have Mad Jack and Athena staying with me so count us in for St Molden's Day!

Along with Dr Who's companion.

iain robb:

--- Quote from: Welsh Wench on November 27, 2012, 04:43:52 PM ---I will have Mad Jack and Athena staying with me so count us in for St Molden's Day!

--- End quote ---

Oh, it's going to be one THOSE weekends, is it?

I've been watching my work calendar fill up with travel for the first half of the year, but I've been able to keep that weekend free. Count me and my wife in!

Lady Renee Buchanan:
As much as we'd love to come back for St. Molden's weekend, unless airfares do a deep nosedive, it won't happen.  I've been checking, even on Allegiant Air, and the fares are so high.  However, if we win the $500 million Powerball tonight, we will  be there no matter what!    ;D


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