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St. Molden's Weekend 2013

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iain robb:

--- Quote from: Lady Renee Buchanan on November 28, 2012, 05:19:05 PM ---As much as we'd love to come back for St. Molden's weekend, unless airfares do a deep nosedive, it won't happen.  I've been checking, even on Allegiant Air, and the fares are so high.  However, if we win the $500 million Powerball tonight, we will  be there no matter what!    ;D

--- End quote ---

Well, then, Lady Renee, you will either be sorely missed or heartily welcomed! (You would be buying a few rounds, right?)

(Allegiant used to be so inexpensive -- and they fly out of the airport just down the street from us. But I think they're on the verge of taking out all the seats and making you pay to hold a hand-strap.)

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Ian, if I won the lottery, I'd buy the everyone at the FAIRE drinks!  However, I don't live in Arizona or Missouri, and we had 1 number out of 6!  Not going anywhere.   :-\

iain robb:
99 days away ...

Seamus Ex Machina:
Yes, Master Ian, it will be one of those weekends.  The kind where too much will eaten, way too much will be drunk, and entirely too much fun will be had. No one will get any sleep. One of my favorite weekends of the year;   we gotta start planning now! 

It needs to be a proper invasion for this year.  We need to get out the word, maybe even put out an invitation on that other site and get some folk down here that we haven't seen in a while.  perhaps have a gathering at my place afterwards..... ;D

I want Klingons singing songs about this for years.

iain robb:
All of that sounds good except the last part. I think at least half of us have to die for the Klingons to sing about it for years.


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