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Shout out to Dark Cloud

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Not sure if any of you are on R/F but if you are I want to say I love the Pirate bracers I purchased from you and LD loves the small Jar as well.

We will be back to see you guys next year!

Lord Clisto of York:
Cory himself left after this past weekend to go to open up back at bristols opening. A few of the others are running the booth at the Upper WI faire. I can let him know when I see him for ya.

Cool, we are also planning on going to Bristol this up coming weekend so if you don't get the chance, we can probably see'em at Bristol.

They will be pleased to hear that.  I love them kids!  I've been a Dark Cloud member since we started out as just a bunch of playtrons hanging out under the tree at MNRF.

I thought I recognized a couple of them.... after 25 years of attending MNRF you remember some people...lol...

So a member of Dark Cloud.....theres a thought.


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