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Forum outage and upgrade.

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Thanks, Merlin, that's what I thought was going on.

With the older version, some members made the e-mail visible on their profile page (e-mail and web addresses were optional as far as other members seeing it).  The one thing it helped me with was identifying trolls.  It was simple to put the e-mail address to verification which would say if it was valid syntax and/or whether it was an active address. 

The few trolls I've noticed always put in a fake, but syntax correct, e-mail address and made it public.  At least one was faked so as to implicate someone else as being the troll poster.


Merlin the Elder:
Trolls and spammers are the bane of any forum. One forum I manage has a very narrow focus, and I block literally millions of IP addresses (the "address" of the computer) just to keep the spammers down to a reasonable number.

hi all


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