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Since were here I thought it would be nice to have a place for member to come and just light a candle, say a prayer and not have to start a complete topic.  All are welcome, no matter your beliefs.  Peace to you all during this transition period of the new forum.

Walks to the alter, bows respectfully, opens the basket and places a bowl of sandalwood wax chips, filling the air with the scent of the woods.  Lights a candle for all in need of healing, guidance, strength, love, peace.   Prays for a moment as the candles flicker, rises and leaves, hoping others will soon follow.   Peace and blessings to you all.

Lady Ann of Draycott:
Lights a candle for all the people who died and are suffering after the cyclone in Myanmar.  May they get the help they need. 

Lady Ann of Draycott:
Lighting a candle for all the people who have died and for those who were injured and left homeless after the earthquake in China.

*walks in and sits by the alter* I just need some quiet time. I am really frustrated with work and some points in life in general and I just need some time to myself to regroup and de-stress.

walks in and bows down and paryes silently for all you are in neeed. Looking up, feeling encourged because I know I have sought the one who can truly make a differance for us all. I know that God hears us when we pray, therefore I`am confident that our prayes are heard and therefore what we need is on it`s way. Leaves smiling with assurance in my heart.


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