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A place to light your candle

Started by LadyOren, May 09, 2008, 05:26:45 PM

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The blooms outside the chamber are peeking through the winter soil. She enters in silence.  Lights a candle for guidance. A friend is in need.  Calling out on the wind the whispers of the trees carry the message.  Help is on the way.  Taking a seat in a pew, she listens to the song as it's carried across the miles.  Peace.
When I'm gone look for me beneath your boots, for I have returned to the ground from which I came.   Walt Whitman


On this special day, she sweeps the entrance, carrying the vine woven basket filled with wildflowers into the Blessed space.

Placing the vase upon the side stand, Lady Oren arranges the flowers, saying a prayer as each one is place in it's position. Praying for the children of the world that they all will be cared for, and know love, as they are the adults of tomorrow. 

Taking her empty basket she lights two candles for her own children, may the Angels always watch after them when she cannot.  Bowing respectfully she wisks away to cherish this special day with them.   
When I'm gone look for me beneath your boots, for I have returned to the ground from which I came.   Walt Whitman


*She walks in silently and reverently bows her head as she gives thanks for all the blessings being heaped on her as of late. Allowing the calm settle over her body she rises and greets the moon and sun as they look down on her. Lighting two candles she says*

Oh please send Angels to watch me and mine, let love be the guiding force in our lives. Please deliver us from the evil each day and make our paths straight even as we wish to walk away. Guide me thourgh my schooling, hold me as I work...teach each day Lord...

*Closing the prayer with a smile of love she leaves this place and goes to greet her night*
PR ~Faire Daughter~


*lights a candle for her Daddy and smiles*

I miss you and love you..Happy Father's Day!
PR ~Faire Daughter~


*lights a pair of candles*

Keep them safe, let the journey be easy, lead them to their proper place.
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*Steps inside, carrying a white candle with her. She kneels down, placing it on the floor in front of her. As she lights it, she prays to her God and Goddess, asking that They send peace to her friend Katie as she continues to mourn for her husband James.*


*Returns back into the room, carrying another candle, which she sets down before her and lights. She bows her head and prays to Brighid to help her friend N. as she deals with the fact that she has uterine cancer*

Jezzy MacPeaks

Lights a candle, says prayer for the family of Scott "Hoss" Griffith.
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Walks up and lights a candle for Scott (Hoss) Griffith and he has found peace....


 :'(  Hoss, I can hardly believe you're gone.  First I lose my mom in April unexpectedly, and now you.  I light a candle of remembrance for you and for her.  I know you're at peace now.  If I could, I'd like to request someone to light a candle for me.  I found out last Thursday that my heart is bad.  I'm only 36, and I may have to have heart surgery.  I'm scared, and alone, and I need some healing and some peace.  Thank you.

Brightest Blessings!


Lady Renee Buchanan

I light a candle of thanksgiving for my good friends - you know who you are.

You have always been there for me for which I am forever grateful, and I hope I have succeeded in being there for you when you needed it, even though we are many miles apart geographically. 

And the next time I do see you, I want to give you a great big hug, each one of you.
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All will be well. St. Julian of Norwich

Lady Ellie

Respectfully enters room carrying basket filled with new assorted candles. Looking about starts to tidy up a bit. Replacing old candles with new ones. She stops to sit and listen to the quietness around her. Bows her head and says a prayer. Thanking the higher powers for her family, friends and the blessings she has in her life. She goes over and lights two candles. One for her mother and one for CaptMarga.
Praying for strength for both of them.  Feeling peaceful and renewed, she quietly leaves shutting the door behind her.


*lights a candle for all who need strength to deal with the things life throws their way*

*lights another for all who need that soothing peace we all look for every now and again*

*lights a final candle in hopes for all to find smiles and happiness now and always*

Anna Iram

Lighting a candle for all those being affected by the Gulf oil leak. If all things are truely given us by God, then let us all live in hope and enlightenment through this event and let the destructive impact be as minimal as possible.


*Quietly walks through the doorway, the overwhelming sense of peace causing a single tear to roll down her cheek*

Powers that be, please help me to fully appreciate what I have and to stop worrying about what I lack.  Also, please help me to mend this torn relationship with my father.

*lights two candles and retreats back into the world, feeling a little more hopeful*
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. - W. Shakespeare