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Siouxland Renaissance Festival 2013

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Rowan MacD:
 June 1st and 2nd
Love this faire!

Jon Hanslow:
I'll be out working again this year I believe. New bits to play around with in the street! YAY!

Rowan MacD:
  This little faire is the closest to my ideal, of any I attend each year.   The SRA does such a splendid job of putting on a 'traditional' Renaissance faire.   
  Last year we had Alice the Cook, and I hope to see her again.  ;D  I admit, I bought all her books!

Rowan MacD:
   We are happy to announce that David and I will be adding Sioux land to our regular Scottish Games representation in 2013!
   We will host 2 Clan membership tents for Clans Davidson and Cochrane this year over at the Heavy athletic Games area.   
   While you wait for the next caber toss, you are welcome to research your Clan using our resource books and maps.  We also have national membership forms available, and you may join on the spot if you are so moved,  or take a form with you and mail it later.   
   Heck, just drop by and say hi!

We have to be there both days.  Hubby prefers his Kilt/T-shirt/Tam/sporran combo, but I plan to be in garb


Rowan MacD:
   We are packed and ready to go.  I have to work till 5pm then hit the road for the 3 hour drive.
 See you tomorrow! Drop by the tent and say HI. 
   No charge to research your info, or just hang with the people wearing your tartan for a few.
   I will be in garb (non noble).


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