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continually overwhelmed
« on: January 23, 2013, 09:44:35 AM »
i havent written much of late, but i just wanted to take a few minutes and say how overwhelmed i am with the current soul and spirit of sherwood.  i have spent the last four weekends straight at sherwood.  some days and nights have been almost unbarably cold, yet there have been folk gathered around the fire circle each and every saturday night.  there have been drums at times.  other times, guitars.  singers, dancers, and story tellers.  jinx graced us with fire breathing this last saturday.  kids running around. sometimes huddled in the comfort of their parents.  other times...enjoying the company of other young ones.

i have seen volunteers take up rakes and shovels and help us to prepare the grounds for the faire soon to open.

we have danced to VaNa MaZi.  we have broken bread together at potlucks.  we have hugged.  we have kissed.  we have shared from the depths of our hearts.

we are on this incredible journey of soul and spirit...building our vision of community.

i love being with you all.  i love the shared experience of building something not of brick and mortar, but of ideas, values, concepts based upon extremely old and almost genetic foundations of the human experience.

earth, fire, air and water...
love, desire, hope, acceptance, tribe/clan, family, belief, ritual, rhythm, art, music, craft, spirit, soul, dreams, dance...

blessings to all of you who are a part of sherwood.  thank you and know we are humbled by your presence.

it's all about the journey and the people we choose to make the journey with


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