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Plans for Burn's Night anyone?

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Was curious who and how those celebrating this year will spend their evening? Myself, going to a friend's Burn's supper, followed by bonfires, reading of poetry and many drams by firelight! Gonna be a cold one..lol.

I have never been to a Burns celebration before...

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Our restaurant, The Perry Street Brasserie in Galena, IL will hold it's Second Annual Burns Night Dinner on Friday, 1/25.  Steve has prepared a special Scottish feast.  There will be a parade of the haggis, then An Ode to the Haggis will be read in Gaelic and English.  Throughout the evening, Tinker Macrae, a standout performer from the Bristol Renaissance Faire will perform Scottish music, with a sing a long, and this year one of our guests has asked if she could read a Burns poem.  Go for it, Diane!  Lots of kilts and Scottish garb will be worn, and even non-drinkers loved the Scottish cocktail Steve invented last year!

Jack Daw at Work:
The Heather & Thistle Society in Houston is defunct; so, we are adrift to find a dinner here or there, or where-ever that is close enough.

Lady Renee Buchanan:
You can always hop on a plane and come to Galena, IL for our Burns Night Dinner!   ;D

Third Annual Robert Burns Dinner at The Perry Street Brasserie Restaurant

Friday, Jan. 24, 2014 at 6 p.m.

Featuring Brian Leo, Chicago Folksinger of Celtic Tunes entertaining during dinner and Presentation of the Haggis.

Includes a 4 course Highland Dinner. Plus Scottish Cocktails, Wine with Dinner, and Port to follow.
$69 per person plus tax and tip.

Please call the restaurant at 815-777-3773 for reservations.
Scottish attire is welcome but not necessary.

Brian is one of the top entertainers at the Bristol Renaissance Faire and many other faires in the Midwest.  He has been entertaining audiences both in and out of faire for over 35 years.  And his CDs are great!


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