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Toua Taru:
Has anyone downloaded the app that just came out? If anyone has what do you think? Is it worth it?

Lady Kett:
It is handy for the schedule. It has a map that wants to use GPS but I can't tell if it is really usable until we are there. It is free, so what the it.

Gauwyn of Bracknell:
Bristol has a great app that has the GPS - it will give you show reminders 15 minutes in advance and then GPS the location.  If this app is similar, it would be good.

iain robb:
Well, I've downloaded it and played with it a bit. We'll see how it works at Faire tomorrow ...

iain robb:
I'd give it one star out of five.

It crashed repeatedly on my HTC EVO, with some sections not working at all. And the "Tickets" link took me to the FLARF website, which, at least on the Android browser, is completely unusable, apparently because some sort of blank layer appears over everything.

The schedule is nice, however, and gave prompt reminders. That I did not notice them is my fault. One quibble: There is information on the entertainers in the Entertainment section, but not in the schedule. So if you do not recognize an act, or want to know more, you have to leave the schedule, look them up under Entertainment, then come back.

And I did not use the map. I know the place like the back of my hand.


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