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Prado Exhibit at Houstom Museum of Fine Art


I finally was able to go and see this.
The amount of deatil in this paitning is astounding. There are tiny pearls on the edges of her lace collar.

It amazed my daughter to discover that the Duke of Pastrana had blue eyes and flaming red hair.

I wish I could find a larger version of this one, Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain. The dress has a white on white pattern. Her oches and aiglettes are gold with red and black enamel.

One of the less often copied portraits of Juana de Austria.

My husband was particularly taken with this painting.

Antonio de Pereda ‘The Relief of Genoa by the Secong Marquis of Santa Cruz’ (1634-35)

Thanks for sharing these. I am in adoration of the Duke of Pastrana one. Particularly Romantic (with a capital R.) It almost looks like the horse is dissapearing into his black coat. I have recently acquired 'The Garden of Eathly Delights' from A little risqué perhaps, and rather a lot less fine embroidery, but a favourite of mine nonetheless!

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