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I've never been to VARF before, but am psyched for this year. I will be a vendor, and am beginning to make my garb. I hope this forum is active and that folks are willing to discuss the faire with a newbie. I'm a big greyhound fan (I have one retired greyhound as well as 4 Italian greyhounds, so am especially excited about Her Majesty's Hounds.) I won't be bringing any of my hounds, so I'm sure I'll be especially eager to see them go by. :)

Feline Groovy:
Welcome to the fun!  What will you be vendoring? 

(Yes it's a word. I'm an English major. I said it. Therefor it's now a word.)

Thanks! I design and make original quilts with a fantasy theme ...

A full/queen size dragon quilt ...

A couple of faerie wall hangings that I'm working on right now ...

Feline Groovy:
Very nice!  Looking forward to seeing you and your work in person!  Also, feel free to pop over and say hi at

Me too!  Trying to decide what weekend I want to go.


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