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River Afton:
Well met to whomever receives this message!

I am slightly concerned that this corner of R/F.com may have been abandoned, but can't hurt to try!

My dearest love has changed residence from the realms of Castleton (OKRF) into the fields of your territory. He's in need of meeting new friends. He's been out there for over a month now and I'm unsure of how to get him connected with people of similar interests.
He's still a faire virgin, but is more than interested in coming into our world, and I know he's interested in subjects that some rennies are outside of faire (i.e. Magic: The Gathering, drum circles, fire performance, Irish music, etc.)

Any input would be most greatly appreciated!

Well, I am here.  Sorry for the delay in responding.  There is a lot going on in Nor Cal.  What can I help you with?

I too am confused. In the faire portion of the main page, the only faire listed is the Kearney Faire.  What about the faire at Novato and the S. Faire?  Are they still going on.  My reason for asking is I may accept a work contract in the Sacramento area and would like to attend some faires.

Well, that must be out of date.

The faire in Novato is now down at Case de Fruita (near Hollister). www.norcalrenfaire.com  Weekends, September 14 thru October 13, 2013

There is the Folsom Ren faire, it is Oct 19-20 (http://www.folsomfaire.com).

There is Valhalla faire, in South Lake Tahoe, the first two weekends in June. (http://www.valhallafaire.com/)

There is the Nor Cal Pirate Fest in Vallejo on the 3rd weekend of June. (www.norcalpiratefestival.com).

There are many other 1 weekend events.

Lady Nicolette:
Thank you North Bay Dreamer, for the list...I, too, am out here, nearest to the Northern California Faire.
BlakDuke, do let me know if you'll be attending any of the Northern California Faire weekends!


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