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Lady Ellie:
Hello, I'm hoping to find some help with a shield.


16 gauge steel cut out for shield. All residues have been removed.
2 coats of primer have been applied.
2 coats of beautiful hunter green paint applied.
Let dry for 24 hours.
Center taped off to form 2 inch border.
Gold paint applied and immediately starts to crack.

Hence help needed...

These are to be the shields for our wedding and my future half is very disappointed.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Google "one shot". That is the pait we used in the past.

Did you sand the primer?

Did you use paint designed for use on metal?

Morgan Dreadlocke:
Was the gold paint lacquer based? Ye can apply other types 'o paint over lacquer but not lacquer over others.

Chris B:
Another issue could be heat perhaps?  Did you have the metal outside under the sun even for a few minutes before it was painted?  I had a similiar problem with a brass Greek helm.  As soon as the metal got even slightly hot the paint started to peal from the metal.  I tried it again under cooler conditions and it stuck perfectly.

The more likely cause would be trying to mix water and oil based paints.  I always try to use one or the other on my shields. 

It may even be defective paint.  Don't get too frustrated by it.  Just sand it back down after it dries and start over again.  Good luck with it and post pics when your done.  I love seeing other people's designs too!


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