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Amara Deegan:
A friend of mine is attending the Faire for the first time in several years and wants to attend the Feast. She already bought one for her and her mom since it also includes the day entry ticket and printed it out.

Now, it's been a while for me and I can't remember (since last year, lol), but she wants to know what she does with the printed out ticket. Does she and her mom simply go to the main gate and they will scan it or do they need to go to the regular ticket lines and trade it in or something?

I would just e-mail the Feast people directly, but as I recall it took a long time to hear a reply back and they are going this Sunday, so I thought this might be a slightly quicker way to get an answer.

Thank you in advance! 


Assuming procedures have not changed since last year, your friends should simply take their print-outs to the main gate, where they will be scanned.

The Duchess and I have been to the AZ feast several times.  It's well done!

Amara Deegan:
Thank you, Norfolk! I shall pass the word along to her and make sure she and her mom have a great time!

Did she go?

Amara Deegan:
I apologize it too me so long to respond.

Yes, she and her mother both went and has a blast!


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