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Faerie wings?

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I've been trying pretty hard for a while to find a variety of wing makers. I have no skill at it myself, so making my own isn't much of an option. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas?

I do have a few... specifications, however, which is what has been making things rather difficult.

I do not want:
-Cellophane (there are a plethora of artists who craft these, it just isn't what I'm looking for)
-Pantyhose wings

I have a pair of Renae Taylor wings, which are FANTASTIC. I absolutely love her wings. Unfortunately, they're the only ones I've been able to find and she tends to take forever and a day to get the wings out.

If anybody could help me out I'd appreciate it!

My favorite wing shop:

I also found this one on Etsy:

No experience with them, but they look gorgeous!  Not sure if this helps.  Good Luck!

What are your specifications regarding your wings?   I make them :)

I make wings too. See

All of my wings are made from fabric. I can and have made wings according to a customer's design before.

Unfortunately the wings can't look iridescent at all. No plastic-looking wings, like cellophane. No drooping faerie wings either. They're all lovely but we have a specific sort of look. :[


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