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favorite pub?

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30 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

greetings....which is your fave spot to buy an ale..or mead..or wine..whatever your pleasure.

Blue Boar Inn is our favorite to sit and drink. music, shade, atmosphere. After that is the Joust pub b/c the lines are usually short. LF

i actually don't have one. we didn't get our drink on last year at the faire, but i'll be over there this time around.

is the blue boar the one in the back near the chess field?

hi..yes it is a really great place to hang out..esp if you need a respite from the heat and crowds. mostly rennies hang there and there is music going on in the afternoon. it is only a couple of years old. the first year we went up on the rocks in the woods but last year they roped it off..but I can understand why..there was a pretty high cliff there and someone could accidently fall off.   

ah, heh.

actually, here's a question for you: how willing are the bartenders/pub wenches to fill up your own mug? i'd assume they'd be okay with it, but.. just checking.

hmmm..good question. I really don't buy the beer, but m'lord does and his tankard is pretty big..24 oz. so we don't ask..we just pour the beer into it..if you have a normal sized mug, I don't think it would be a problem.

was last year your first time?


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