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Who's Getting Ready for the Castle?

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We are! Well, at least tentatively. We're hoping to make it out for opening weekend. We make it out for at least one day per season, but it will depend on work schedules. Time off has been requested, but the powers that be haven't deigned to give us their response about the 4th as yet. Anyhow, I hope to see some of you there!

Merlin the Elder:
Unless plans collapse, we are hoping to be there opening weekend.

I hope to see you there, Merlin! I was happy to get to meet you and your fair lady Nimue at Scarby. Kathleen has requested that weekend off. We shall have to see if the gods of Starbucks smile upon us. Schedules are supposed to be made two weeks in advance, but in reality it's more like a week and a half, so we won't know for sure until right before.

I wonder what's new at the Castle this year?  I love to see the Escapologist, Ezndil & Stickbow Archery but I'd like to see what new things there are to entertain the masses.  Could there be working trebuchets like in days of olde?  A good hammered dulcimer band?

Merlin the Elder:

--- Quote from: Merlin the Elder on April 15, 2013, 08:07:21 AM ---Unless plans collapse, we are hoping to be there opening weekend.

--- End quote ---
Plans collapsed... but I sent good weather, I think!  We ended up moving this past weekend. It would have been a really good weekend to come. We are rescheduling now for Memorial Day weekend, and unsure if it will be possible to make any additional trips up...


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