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Southeast Texas Renaissance Faire Enthusiasts
« on: April 22, 2013, 12:26:48 PM »

This is an open group for anyone in the Southeast Texas / Southwest Louisiana area! Our clan Rogue Society is a large group made of many smaller clans, Slow Kids at Play, Pirates of Tortuga and Warblades. During a Pirates of Tortuga meeting it was discussed how wonderful it would be to get to see the other local clans or faire campers more than once a year and grow better bonds with them! So we made this group to do just that! We are planning a drum jam / meet and greet this summer and would love to invite any clan and camper to come and join us in some fun! Garb is optional, but you can bet your sweet a** most of the ladies at least will be sporting it! :) So please join the group and mingle online and we will let you know the date/dates as soon as we are able to reserve our spot in one of the local parks! HUZZAH!


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