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Fantasy Film vs Cellophane


Maybe this belongs in the "sewing" or "garbing" sections (or "Crafts and Projects")?

Anywho, I'm wondering, in your wing-making adventures, have any of you have worked with Fantasy Film, and if so, how does it compare to cellophane? I'm particularly concerned about weight and durability.

Please and thank you in advance. ^_^

Bonny Pearl:
I tried using cello but didn't like the way it turned out so I tried Angelina Fiber instead and I love it.  If the fantasy film doesn't work for you try the fiber.  It is shreds that you iron together to make a 'sheet'.  I found a wide array of colors, you can mix the colors up for the affect you want.  The fibre is very fine so be sure to use clear spray adhesive to add extra bonding.

Hello, Mi'ladies.

I am a professional wing maker. You can try ironing clear vinyl from to cellophane. This makes them very durable. Play with it..but use a low iron..with the right heat, you will find a very very good melt between the two.

Hope that helps :) If you have more questions, please do email me. I'm happy to help you.

Columbine the Butterfly


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