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2013 Pirate Festival


Just a heads up that Faire's in time is presenting the 6th annual Pirate Festival on Saturday August 3rd, Sunday August 4th, and Holiday Monday August 5th.

Gates are open 10am - 6pm, and there are 5 stages of entertainment, including a mud stage!

On Saturday night ONLY there is a Captain's Keg that begins at 7pm - 11pm in the tavern, with special performances and plenty of opportunity to enjoy the epic pirate experience!

There is a newly updated website as well -

Be sure to stop by and say hello to me! Anthea Sparsgood, Chandler's wife!

For sure that a dragon or hopefully two will be there!  Maybe three if one is in good behaviour provided that he doesn't keep begging.

Just less than a week to go and I can hardly wait!  Sparky is excited too!  Unfortunately there needs to be some dragonsitting taken care of so we've agreed to take turns to attend the festival.


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