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2013 Enchanted Ground - Faerie Festival



FaeryFest Inc. is pleased to announce it's 8th annual Enchanted Ground Festival.

Festival dates June 21 - 23 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

          Friday - 7pm - 11pm - special event (To be announced)
          Saturday - Gates open 11am - 6pm for festival
          Saturday Crystal Masquerade Ball 7pm - 11pm
          Sunday Gates open 11am - 6pm

Place: Guelph - Riverside Park

For more details:

I'll be playing the role of "Ocean" the mermaid! Please stop by for a "hello!"

Cornwall - FaeryFest is NEXT weekend - June 22 - 23!!


--- Quote from: Orphena on June 14, 2013, 08:36:28 AM ---Cornwall - FaeryFest is NEXT weekend - June 22 - 23!!

--- End quote ---

Oops, wrong thread.

On behalf of Sparky he wanted to say that he had a sizzlin' red-hot time at Faery Fest!  The kids loved seeing him there and he loved taking a ride on the carousel!  He told me that he met the Fairy Queen and saw a baby dragon hatch!  Here's a link to a few pictures taken at the fest:


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