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Is it too soon to start a countdown for 2013?

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I think not  :P 

This time of year I start getting ansty in anticipation of another season!

I don't do facebook (Well not on a personal level) Have their been any announcements of new things for the 2013 season?

It's not too soon for a 2013 countdown.  I know of nothing new for this year.  But it is still early.


Looks like they revamped the website...  Im not certain but I think one of the pics in their rotating banner is not from the pgh faire.

Also they should delete the first default comment that WordPress adds when you create a new WordPress website  :P

Yes, the website has been revamped.  They use pics from CORF!  Looks like themed weekends are the same.  Makes garb plotting pretty easy.

Yeah they have been the same for the last several years... Tho a small part of me was hoping that it was placeholder and they would announce something different for this year.

I am really curious if they have done any more improvements to the grounds

I only have one set of garb so my only tough choices is if it is too hot to wear my doublet or not  :P 

I'm thinking about getting new garb this year tho I may not have any of it until after the PGH run is over. 


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