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Is it too soon to start a countdown for 2013?

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Yeah the jerky guy was gone.  ;D Last time I saw him he started his BS/abuse/Hawking and I told him he puts the Jerk in Jerky.

Mud wasn't too bad - looked like they did a bunch of last minute stuff trying to keep the mud at bay.  I guess they had a TON of rain and flooding in the area.

You know now that you mention it I didn't hear the bells AT ALL either :o  Very odd..  I only made my way over to that area once as it was the muddiest section. (wife didn't want to drag her skirts in the mud)

The German Brothers sort of drowned out that poor new guy playing at the pirates pub.  (He was pretty good actually tho)

I have to find new garb pants now  :(  They had some at Boss Wench that didn't look too bad, but I think I may order some from Moresca and use that as an excuse for additional Pirate garb. 

Buy the pants from Moresca.  I have several of their items and they are well worth it!

 :o  No bells?  I walked the entire length of the new section, to the huge tree and I didn't even see the bells. 


The bells are out at the far side of the corporate/picnic area- you were almost there, just needed to go a little further on.


To this day I have not been able to find "the corporate area".  I'll search again on Saturday.  If I can get out of the Pub.



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