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A Friendly Faire!!!


I just want to give a shout out to everyone at VARF. From the owner, to the vendor coordinator, to the other vendors, the staff, cast ... everyone has been tremendously helpful and friendly to this newbie. I'm really looking forward to the next three weekends (especially the pirate's invasion!!!) and hope that we get lots of sunshine!!!

Thanks to all for making my first renaissance faire such a pleasant experience.  :)

I"ll be there tomorrow (or later today given the time).  See you there.

Wasn't Pirate's Weekend fun??? The weather was perfect, and the pirates were awesome! The cicadas were getting a little freaky - having to remove all those egg casings from my pavilion was definitely a disturbing way to begin the weekend!!!

Saw a fabulous Captain Jack, and lots of other hearty maties. I think pirate days bring out the fun in garbers/costumers! :)


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