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What's your favorite period song?

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^ Glad to hear it!!

I would say my fave is "Wilde Mountain Thyme".  I like several renditions by:


Jesse Linder (RIP)

Tullamore from Kansas City has a great rendition as "Will Ye Go Lassie Go?" on their "Wild And Wicked Youth" cd as well.

I also like to see Ezra get a workout when I suggest that they play "The Rocky Road To Dublin".

My last absolute favorite would be "The Celt Came Back" by Fugli Troll.  That's on his "On The Woad" cd at
It's a great song about never giving up.

"O'er the Hills and Far Away". Partially because there are so many different historic versions of it.

Most people probably know it from Sharpe's Rifles
But it actually goes back at least as far as the 17th century. One of the older versions is about a lad who has been wronged
   " Since she is false whom I adore
    I'll never trust a woman more;
    Frae a' their charms I'll flee away
    And on my pipes I'll sweetly play:

        -O'er hills and dales and far away"


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