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Oklahoma storm check in? (admin move if not appropriate please!)


Bad bad storms tonight.

In Okc/Norman area right now. Tulsa is going to get hit too. I would love to hear if everyone is okay after it dies down.

Right now Tulsa is okay, I'll check in tomorrow/tonight when/if we are safe.

Speaking of which, we made through fine.

We made it through in B.A. alright on May 30th.  I got the fam in the cellar before the city blew the sirens.  They were WAYYYY late in doing that.  It hit about 4 miles east of us.

Merlin the Elder:
That storm system carried into Arkansas.  We saw the beginnings of a small funnel looking out of the back door of our new home. Our house and the next-door neighbor got the brunt of the storm on our block before it moved on. It took me two days to clean up the resulting debris. The neighbor took a tree to the roof.

Once the storm eased, we went to check on the house we were moving from. It also took a tree to the roof. Damage was actually fairly minor. The tree that came down was dead, and scheduled for demolition anyway.


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