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Food costs?

Started by Jade, June 15, 2013, 07:30:06 PM

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 Hey all,  despite living in  Michigan all my life, 2  hours from  Frankenmuth area,  I've never made it to the MMRF,  onlyMiRF.  I really want to go this next Saturday,  but I'm on a  tight budget  due to a wedding I'm in at the end of the month.  I  know I can swing the ticket,  and someone else is covering the driving/ gas,  so assuming I ate lunch and dinner there,  what is a good ballpark  average of cost?

Also,  if you're planning on being there then,  let me know.  I'd love to meet people!


I am there, on Gypsy Lane, in the Hooker tent:)

Food costs are reasonable, I think. A turkey leg is like 7. 50, but there are some sandwiches or chicken on a stake for $5 or less. Nachos are $3, deep fried milky ways are $2, can of pop like $1.50, I think.


We're  definitely going then.  I'd  love to meet you if I  can I  can convince my friends  to go in a Hooka tent.  I'm going with two friends who object to  it. :-(.   Should I look for a shield  face?  Lol  Thanks for the info!


Nonononononono! Not hooka....."Hooker".....we sell crocheted stuff! lol nothing objectionable.....just funky hats and stuff! rofl


Oh my gosh,  I am still laughing so hard! ha ha


lol,  nice. I   just figured you were joking about the name.   That's great!  I'll definitely get to meet you then.  Glad I could brighten your day!


 Honestly I just had the craziest dream  about visiting here. i'll  skip over a lot of it,  but near the end I was going to visit the Hooker  when a loud announcement came on that it was time to watch HGTV and three people came barreling out of your shop ( which was a teeny tiny tent)  like clowns out of a car.   Everyone in the faire was running to watch this  and it turned into a weird race.   So yeah... crazy.