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Merlin the Elder:
I've used Adobe PhotoShop for years. Some cameras come with a lite version of PhotoShop, though I couldn't tell you the exact differences.

Brother Gregory:
Thanks Merlin. I brought an copy of Photoshop Elements 9 last year and this looks like it will work just, curious what others were using.

Merlin the Elder:
I think PS Elements will do all but the most critical work. The full version may support additional filters and things.  If you aren't a pro-photographer, you should be fine, and if you are, you would already have the full version or something similar.


--- Quote from: Brother Gregory on February 03, 2012, 09:57:32 AM ---Have a question what is a good program to use for editing pictures? I have a digital camera that is a Nikon 12 meg pictures.

--- End quote ---

    I would seriously look into getting Adobe Lightroom. It will do just about everything you want. It's set up into four parts. Library, to sort, rate, crop, and add metadata to photos. Also links up to popular photo sharing sites, Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug. Develop, has your photo adjustment tools. It does a great job of reducing the noise in high ISO photos. Slideshow, makes slideshows you can add music to and save as PDF or a video file. Also has a print and web building options. Really the best part is that it's all non destructive. The program creates a catalog file that holds all the file changes.  The original file is never manipulated. There are some really great plugins also, Nik makes a great black and white plugin.
     You can also try before you buy, they have a 15 day trial on it. I like it a lot.

You could also try Photoshop.com.  It has the basic tools and you'll be able to share pictures through the same site.


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