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17 more days until opening gate!
Who will be there opening day?

I will be working at the Silver Squirrel booth. I will be attending on Saturdays (working), and the occasional Sunday with my mini-pirate (not working).

I won't be there opening day but will be for pirate invasion. More importantly, I just wanted to get a response on here...it's been a really lonely board these past few months.


It has. I'm hoping this will help.

I'll be there pirate weekend working on Saturday. I may shoot for Sunday with my son too

I hope to be there every weekend working in my booth Creations By CherBear. I might not be there barbarian weekend if I get the ok from my back doctor I want to do the Celtic Festival at the Kentucky Faire site.

It looks like we'll be heading down on Sunday. See you all then.



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