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Fall 2013 toned down?


We're going to make the trip up to the CT faire this fall. I've never been there, so while looking around their site, I came across this PDF. It says that, as part of the move to the new site, they're "removing and toning down some of the more bawdy elements that were common in the Renaissance to insure the event is inspirational for all ages". Was the faire really that racy before the move? Should I be mildly disappointed that I didn't know the faire before?

I think it was a pe-emptive scolding to head off potential problems associated with two big changes - the new location (Norwich) and the sale of beer and wine during the Fall Faire.  The CTRF has always advertised itself as a family faire, but we have had  few times when that has been stretched a bit (anyone remember the Men in Kilts contest in Hebron a few years back?).  They were expecting (and got) a lot of patrons (with kids) who hadn't been to the CTRF before.  The last thing anyone wanted was a complaint that some minor had been harrassed or made uncomfortable.   

I wasn't there every day, but from my perception at the front gate, I think it worked.  We had a few drunks, but they weren't too disruptive, and I didn't hear about any sexual harrassment issues.   I don't know if the warning was really needed, but people were keeping things in control.


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