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5/7/08 - Guideline Reminders

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Yes, we've had another attack.  It may be awhile before the main forum is back up and running again.  Until that time, we will be using this forum as our temporary home. 

A few notes:

Please register your user account with the same username as R/F.com to help avoid confusion.

The same rules and guidelines apply to this forum just as if it were the original.

We have a couple new features and options that need to be tested and sorted out.  One of which is that we have the option for a "signature".  I don't mind if people use it, but for the meantime, please do not upload images to the signature option in your profile.  Text is fine.

Thank you to John for his vigilance during this trying period.  And thank you to all the members for your patience and understanding while we try to figure out how to move forward with R/F.com.


To a ll of those who are trying to keep this community together I send many huzzahs. As I have discovered over the last few months it is the sense of community and family that makes us so unique. Truly the village concept still exists as it did hundreds of years ago.

fluffy tail:
Thank you for keeping us up and running.
I didn't know how much I was a creature of habit until now.

Huzzah to John, DB, Tom and all the others who are working to keep us afloat!


i'm already operating outside of a guideline. . .
 last week i registered  as 'Willin' instead of 'WillinSole'



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