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2014 Wedding in Bristol - Need musicians


I picked up a few cards and emailed a couple performers but still haven't found everything we need.

I'm looking for some traditional Celtic music as entertainment as guests gather and wait for the ceremony to begin (approx 30-40 minutes). This would include something to accompany the Bride walking down the 'aisle' (just not 'Here comes the bride').

Then after the ceremony (while the photos are being taken and the food is setup and served) we will need to fill between a minimum of 1.5 hours and potentially up to 3 hours. I realize that one group would most likely have a hard time getting that much available time in a day at the faire, so we are looking for 2-4 groups that can switch off at set times (that way you can still make your other sets). For this we would welcome a variety of traditional and fun ren faire songs/music.

All songs MUST be family friendly as there will be kids as well as adults present.

Feel free to message me if you are interested and planning to be in Bristol next year. I'm also open to any and all suggestions other forum members might have.

Also I know this is very far in advance but our goal is to have this wedding without incurring any debt so we are planning as far in advance and continually saving so that as deposits are needed and final payments made we have the money ready. so that means finding out exact costs as early as possible.

I just found out today, they are required to be at the front gate for the opening and would not be available until 11:00 am at the earliest so if we start the ceremony a little late we can have some one there so there is music for the brides march, but not really any 'pre-wedding' music.   :(

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Some of the musical performers are Rambling Sailors, Gregg and Susan Csikos.  Also Jock Stewart (Jesse Linder), Tinker MacLea (Brian Leo), Dan the Bard (Dan Marcotte), Craig of Farrington (Craig Broers), Dylan Robertson (Arnie Parrott).  Dan, Dylan,  and Craig do mostly lane singing, so may be available more of the time.  Also Ogham, a husband and wife duo, fiddle and bodhran, play the lanes near the privvies.  All have FB pages and websites, or probably Bristol could put you in touch with them.

I know this is a bit late but thanks for the suggestions. I was able to find a local Celtic band that is available to get there early and be all setup by the time the gates open so we will have pre-wedding music after all.

I'll try to remember to swing by here and let you know how they were in case anyone else is looking for a Celtic band in the area.

Lady Renee Buchanan:
When is the wedding? At any given weekend, there are RF members from different places visiting.  I'm sure those there that weekend would stop to say hi and congratulations.   ;D


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