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Hello all,
   I'm going to be at MDRF the weekend of Sep. 28/29.  I've never been to it.

I'm in Texas and therefore attend/photograph Texas RenFest, Scarborough, and Sherwood Forest.  This is the first faire out of state that I'll be going to.  (And hopefully not the last.)

I was interested in knowing what the "don't miss" acts are?

*Is* there a belly dance troupe that performs at MDRF?   There doesn't appear to be one in the lineup as far as I can tell.  Can you *have* a faire without bellydance?  ;D

I'm looking forward to Mediaeval Baebes (which is why I chose that weekend).  I'm also interested in seeing acts that don't make it down to the Texas part of the circuit.

Any tips? Gotchas?

 -- Melkar

Cu Dubh is a lot of fun if you are in to pipes and drums, as are Volgumut. Barely Balanced are a blast.

Cool!  I've heard of Volgumut - that's a definite must do!    I also love pipes and drums, I'll flag them and Barely Balanced.  Thanks!

I saw your photos yesterday Melkar. This fair looks like a great place to visit.

I give it a thumbs-up!  I really enjoyed it.   Challenges if you have mobility issues (I don't), but it's VERY hilly.  Also no flushies (probably because of all the up/down terrain).   The trees are freakin' AWESOME! :-)   Also some really good performers that we don't get in the Texas part of the loop.


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