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I stumbled on this thread by accident, but it has relevance for me.  As some of you may know, I am King ALLYN THE ONLY at the gulf coast faires in Pensacola and Mobile.  My age is creeping up into the stratosphere and as well as an ever increasing girth.  As such along with arthritis in every leg joint I own, it is becoming more and more difficult to walk around even our small faires.  I would like to inquire if anyone would look down upon a monarch in an electric conveyance if it were properly dressed up.   I can still walk a bit but not long or far.  Let me know what you think.  BTW we are not all that HA so that would not be a concern, but my wife is giving me grief and lip so I am concerned.   As I may not get out to this thread to often you can email me at   

Lady Renee Buchanan:
I realize that being the king, you must look decorous.  But there was a lady at Bristol, who sadly passed away a few years ago, who had an electric scooter.  It was decorated as a dragon, head, tail, the whole works.  It was mostly covered, except for the seat and steering wheel.  It was amazing.  If I saw a king like that, I'd think, "how cool."

Another option is to have a pull cart.  They used to have them at Bristol, and I think they still have them in MN.  You could have a serf or one of your guards pull the cart around.

To my way of thinking, health comes first.  Do what you need to do to not risk yourself or cause yourself pain.

Rowan MacD:
  Agree with Lady B.   Another option would be to rig the conveyance to look like a throne. 

   This would be easier to do if the conveyance was an electric wheel chair, rather than a 3 wheel scooter. 
    You may be able to find a chair at the thrift store (of all places).  I recently spotted 2 electric chairs at Thrift America (Goodwill saves donated chairs and scooters for disabled employees).  One had 4 wheels and a head support which was removable.  The other was a standard chair with armrest controls;  both had prices in the 75-150.00 range.
    Apparently scooters are in high demand, and don't get donated.

I don't think you will hve the slightest problem, especially if you try (even half heartedly) to decorate your ride.  I have been riding StudMuffin for several years now and have yet to find anyone who doesn't accept him.  Of course, I have only gone to TRF and Scarborough but people, both normal and mundane, have been wonderful.

Thanks all.  I have an elec. wheel chair to use so the throne idea is great.  I have a year to come up with something so................................ 


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