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First time fairy :D

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This is my first time going to faire as a fairy, I've made a set of wings and I am working on my skirt, I will post pictures of the wings later, but I was wondering if anyone has any advice for a first time fairy at faire?

I am going as an Autumn or Fire Fairy, not sure yet....the colors just sort of came together like that :)

Be very careful with your wings!!  You can easily smack someone with them by accident because you are not used to them.  And watch out for crowds, they like to run into wings, especially drunks.  Also, use faerie dust sparingly.  I tend to have little gifts for kids in my pouch (marbles, little rubber animals, spider rings...), because you will very likely draw them to you.  If you use fae language, also use English.  And most importantly......HAVE FUN!!!!

Yeah, be really careful about wings. Don't think about taking the shuttle bus, and in really crowded spaces walk sideway. Not to mention, avoid fairy twitter and glitter bombs.

Rani Zemirah:
Particularly watch out for your wings in the shops, as it's incredibly easy to sweep a whole shelf clean with them in a split second, just by turning around!  (yes... voice of experience, here  :-[ )

And if you are going to give out Faerie tokens to really small children, it's always a good idea to make sure it's nothing that can be swallowed and choked on! 

The best advice I would give is to have FUN!!  Bring life to your creation and be engaging to the patrons.  Give them beautiful memories to take home ;)  Be wing-aware (takes some getting used should see mine lol)
Have comfortable shoes for all the long walking and possible uneven terrain.  Stay hydrated of course, and eat when you need to.

Oh... did I also say have FUN ?? ')

Embyrre The Fae Queen


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