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I've never been to CTRF before, as you can tell. Anyway, I'm a 2 hour car ride away (which doesn't sound that bad, but I'd have to spend it with my dad, and he likes giving lecture on thing I don't find remotely interesting). I have a bad case of post-faire depression since NYRF ended, and I'm just curious if it's worth going to. Are there good comedy, or stunt shows? Also, is the good shopping? I'm curious if the have a reasonable village (not expecting as much as NYRF) too.

I'm in the exact same boat. We made the 2 hour drive to CTRF yesterday and had a really good time. The first thing is that the fairs are worlds apart: NYRF is a first-class hard faire, whereas CTRF is much smaller, soft faire. It doesn't have the big trees and the feel of walking through the woods, so you have to separate that out in your head. The shows at CTRF are rather good: the joust, Cirque de Sewer, and so on. I think it's worth experiencing a fair that's not something as big as NYRF.


--- Quote from: theChuck on October 06, 2013, 06:17:22 PM --- The shows at CTRF are rather good: the joust, Cirque de Sewer, and so on.

--- End quote ---

I love Cirque de Sewer, I saw them at a local music festival. I used to have two pet rats of my own, so it's a lot of fun for me to see a rat circus.

William of Ware:
Hi, I drive about 1:30 to get to the new site.  I'd say plan to go one day and take a look.  Watch the 4 scenes for Henry the VVIII.  The cast is great!  I think the Vixens en Garde will be there the last two weekends.  If you like comedy, Commedia Mania has a really good show.  The Birds of the Gauntlet is good to see if you like Owls and Eagles.  The also have a talking Parrot.   I'm off to Rendezvous the 12-14th, but if either of you decide to go the final weekend, I'll be going.   
It is a new site, so they will be expanding and making changes.....  I think it's a pretty good place with good parking.  Bring good shoes, there is a lot of gravel.


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