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trying to remember an older pirate group I saw at faire


I went to the pleasure faire once in my life a few years ago and I really enjoyed it quite a lot.

I saw a group that I think was a comedy act, or possibly it was singing while there that I think was of three or four guys

and I really enjoyed the show but for the life of me I can not remember their names. lol they usually dress in yellow and black I think.

would love to come back out and check out the faire at some point.

Was it possibly the Tortuga Twins? They are a three man act and their signature look is black tights, poofy yellow shirt, and a vest.  They tell fairy tales with a twist using audience participation.

lol yes that is who was I was thinking of thanks!

Glad to help. Check out their website for a schedule of their performances. www.tortugatwins.com


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