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First time camping at TRF. Suggestions on dress


Me and my wife will be camping for the first time at TRF. I'm sure many people have asked this question but how do you get changed to your costume in a tent?

Depends on how big your tent is!  If you have a small tent, just put on the necessities to be proper in public, then finish up outside.  Ours is a 3 room tent so we don't have many issues, except the wings.... :o

Rani Zemirah:
Exactly as she said... just make sure you have the basics covered, enough to be legal, and everything else goes on outside.  It's a common sight to see just about everyone standing around camp getting help from someone else with laces, whether it's for a bodice or a pair of bracers. 

Don't forget the deep woods off

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some buy and use the pop up shower/potty tents to dress in


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