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Camping and Parking

Started by Sheri, October 06, 2012, 11:05:12 AM

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Never mind, found the answer to my parking question. 

My other question remains, where's a good place to camp that also allows dogs?    One of the sites recommended through the Faire website does not take animals.  Never having camped in that area I don't know where's a good place to be.  Any recommendations?


while I don't camp (the closest I come to camping is slow room service ::)) I found this from last year

If you love to camp that much there is a KOA in statesville that is a driveable distance, also Lake Norman State Park is near by. I have heard of people staying at Wildlife Woods, and Cross Country camp grounds in Denver NC you can find any of those with google.

And if you are planning any of this next weekend, its Race weekend so you might find things booked.


I did see that about the Race this weekend, which leaves out several possible sites.   Thanks for the names of the others.  Glad to know others have stayed at the Wildlife and Cross Country. 


Well, we came, we stayed and we left.   Stayed at the KOA on 77 for the weekend.  I'm sure it's not the ideal spot for a lot of people, but for us it served our purpose and I'd stay there again if we're in the area.  As it was our first big trip in the RV it helped make it a simple straight shot into town, and than to the Faire.

And parking at the Faire was awesome!   Plenty of room, and we got there early enough I could back in the RV to make leaving a lot easier.  Now that I know it can be done, maybe we can come back for more than just one weekend a year.


Glad you were okay! I am going to be camping this year and I have not decided if I will be doing on-site or nearby... I don't want to feel claustrophobic by being too close to the fair, but I want to get the out-door/renaissance experience @ night.. I guess I will do on site because other rennies will be there!!
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There is no on site camping unless you are a performer. Just FYI, Aderin.
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