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For Betty

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Rani Zemirah:
Praying, still... for strength for all of you, easing of pain, will to fight and healing. 

My earlier optimism was unfounded. We met with the end of life specialists at the hospital this afternoon. We never got the complete picture until today. Each of the specialist doctors we spoke to had mainly good new about their field, but nobody gave us the general consensus, which is that her condition is terminal, and that she will most likely not survive more than a week. It pains me to see this strong sweet woman so sick, and it tears me up to watch helpless as my wife looses her mother, but at the same time, I know Betty, and I know she is ready for this. Ready for the pain, the sickness, and the fight to be over. Ready to finally rejoin her husband after nearly 20 years. With her consent, we've made arrangements for her to stay hooked up to the intubator long enough for my sister-in-law to travel in from out of state, and then it will be time for us all to say goodbye.

Merlin the Elder:
My young friend, it is so very difficult to say goodbye, but take comfort that she is ready.  That was what made things more bearable as we said goodbye to both of my parents, Pop in `07 and Mom in `12.  They were both prepared and ready. My mother-in-law fought it tooth-and-nail, and it made things so much more difficult for her, and for her family.

You will keep her alive in your heart and in your memories. You will cherish even the times she perhaps got miffed at you, or you at her. Life does not end. It merely changes state. May you and your families find all the strength you need to help Betty pass comfortably through her final hours.

Blessed be.

I think she is likely taking a lot of comfort, knowing that those she loves are helping her continue her journey.
Peace, always.

Rani Zemirah:
Praying for a peaceful cessation of pain... and for Betty to be surrounded by loving family to help her through her transition... and for all of you who love her to find comfort in each other, and in the act of being there for her.  This is a true measure of love. 


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