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Official Announcement - Rendezvous 2014

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It is with great merriment and enthusiasm that today I announce the location for's 2014 Rendezvous!

And the location is...

Bay Area Renaissance Festival!

BARF was chosen to be the next location and will be headed up by none other than Lairde Guardn and company!

The next Rendezvous will be coming a little quicker on the the heels of 2013's gathering! Usually we try to spread out gatherings a little more over the calendar year, but plans just don't always fit in a nice tidy box like we'd like them too.  ;)  None the less, it will be a great gathering to be sure! 


Seamus Ex Machina:
Thank you, Deadbishop!  I can promise you a memorable Rendezvous! 

Now, can I get a head count?

Good thing we've already started planning! We can't wait to host you all! :)

Welsh Wench:
This is one Rendezvous I can make. Count me in! :)

That will be me and my mini-Wenchie. 

Hoping Athena comes too!

 ;D I just told my boss, I need that Thursday,Friday and Monday off.


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