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Gratz on getting married. I am getting married there on the 7th. No I will not be wearing my jesters outfit, though the egg might show up. If you need any help with the wedding let me know, I can probably point you in the right direction or if you are looking for something special I can tell you who to see, like getting a carriage ride after or possibly having the pipers play the bride in. You can also have your wedding heckled by the green man, Ours if going to be the first wedding in 10 years he has been given permission to heckle

The facebook page sometimes takes a while to get updated, it comes down to who was taking the photos. There are several people we have taking photos

The spinning section is somewhat new. We did expand on it this year and plan on expanding further. Right now there are 2 spinners, a weaver, and 1 other person who can spin but is having fun playing a noble this year (she is the lady in black). We use to have an old weaving area, but that got turned into a tailor shop
Is there any demos you would like to see, we are always looking for ideas


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